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From concept to product, we mold every aspect to your specific target.

Not all our client brands have equal expertise in Leather products.  Some bring us tear sheets or inspiration photos and describe the flavor they want the leather to have.  Whether it’s a vintage worn out look, a high tech pearlized finish or a muted suede like brushed nap, we take up development right from the leather material on up.  Others give us an exact Pantone color to match or an actual piece of leather to duplicate.  We work very closely with the designers and product managers of each of our clients to develop the product 

With linings, we have applied such techniques as tea stain, print, embroidery, washes….all to make the finished product cohesive to its cause.

Similarly, we develop trims such as buttons or snaps when feasible.  Otherwise we have the ability to import materials from anywhere in the world.

All with the goal of making the finished product unique to our clientele’s taste.

We utilize our full pattern capabilities to convert a designer’s sketch into a prototype product. And along the way we can offer suggestions all in the name of improving the product.


With our years of R&D, we have spanned the globe in sourcing leather that is in the forefront of fashion.  We present these collections to our clients regularly in order to keep them ahead of the curve!   From Europe to The Far East and India we live and breathe Leather!

Most materials needed to make a product are either available to our factories or can be made locally.  But to ensure the widest flexibility and options, we can import materials from all over the world. 
the ability to manufacture most special items or Import them as needed.  On
Some of our clients require signature items such as a lining, button or zipper. It is reassuring to know that we either have occasion we have imported wool linings and fabrics from Peru and Italy. Snaps and buttons from Italy and Honk Kong. Leather from Turkey, Italy, France & USA.  If it completes your product, we will make it or get it.

We are all in this together so our goal is to be less wasteful, pollute less and re-use more.


The Leather we utilize is a by-product of the Food industry.   As such, rather than wastefully dispose of these hides we make products from them that people can enjoy in their every day lives. To that end, we seek to process our leathers at Rated LWG tanneries who not only secure hides and skins from certified responsible supply lines but they also process the hides using modern, clean environmentally friendly processes . Some of these processes use vegetable and other natural dyes and chemicals to produce chrome free leathers.  We don’t condone the use of what some people call “Vegan Leather”.  These imitation leathers are made from Petroleum/by-products and we consider them along with plastic bags a worldwide pollution problem. Even some Plant based products that are marketed as environmentally friendly vegan leather, use binders that are polyurethane based so they are not really biodegradable or sustainable.   

We can even offer linings and fills made from recycled cotton and polyester. 

It is our position that well-made high quality leather products last a long time, their beauty evolving over the years as they age.  They breath with you, they move and mold to you.  People’s lives are filled with milestone memories that include what they ate, where they were, what they wore.  We hope our leather products can play a part in those memories.  We feel that over the long term Leather products through their endurance and longevity offer a sustainable product that is a better alternative and is less wasteful.

Who We Are

Since the early 90’s we’ve been making leather products sold the world over for some of the most  recognized brands.  That in and of itself has been a testament to our abilities and dedication.  During these past 3 decades we adapted to the changing needs of our customers, fashion direction and worldwide business challenges.  We have presented cutting edge leathers to our clients that they adopted which through the garments we made helped define them. 

With each decade fashion changes ,have been influenced by celebrities, movies, politics, music, inner city vibes, millennial tides, nostalgic reminiscences, grass roots revivals.  Companies have come and gone.   We think this has led us to a point where diversity of ideas has gained acceptance and created openings for a whole ‘nother slew of individuals and companies to express themselves through fashion.  We welcome the possibilities.

What We Do

We’ve seen some things…and done some things…It’s been a blast.  While not putting it all behind us, we have a vision of what the world needs now.  We don’t think garments and accessories should be fast fashion and disposable. With time, effort and creativity invested in creating these products they should  have greater value and carry a more emotional connection. Which I hope will lead to longer term ownership.  WE PUT THOSE INGREDIENTS IN OUR PRODUCTS – FOR OUR CLIENTS GROWTH AND BENEFIT.   The vision of where we are going could not possibly be any clearer – to a future where every aspect of making our products has been thought through so as to make it the best it can be; for the client, consumer and most importantly for the planet.

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